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Muslims are becoming the new Jews.

I have heard the above subject title mentioned a lot, quite recently in the UK media. Obviously this is referring to the number of recent Muslim discrimination stories.

The most hyped one is the Muslim teaching assistant that got sacked because she refused to take off her veil in the classroom. This came about because the pupils claimed they could not understand her and she refused to take the veil off.

Many politicians have had their say. All seem to say that the veil causes a rift between Muslims and everybody else. I would disagree there - wars in the middle east and hate stories like this do. I won't go in the right or wrongs if she deserved to be sacked.

This main issue for me, is WHY OH WHY has this made front page news for the past 4 days?? (It was the most popular story on BBC news from Friday to Sunday. Isn't there more REAL important issues to talk about??

Like the army chief being highly critical of our military operations in Iraq/Afghanistan?

BBC Story with comments from ministers


Minister calls from veil-wearing TA to be sacked


Tessa Jowell's opinion


This has snowballed even further. Now the veil is banned in hospitals:


Now another story, which proves the subject title that Muslims have become the new Jews.

Universities urged to spy on Muslims.

Vikram Dodd
Monday October 16, 2006
The Guardian

Lecturers and university staff across Britain are to be asked to spy on "Asian-looking" and Muslim students they suspect of involvement in Islamic extremism and supporting terrorist violence, the Guardian has learned.

They will be told to inform on students to special branch because the government believes campuses have become "fertile recruiting grounds" for extremists.

The Department for Education has drawn up a series of proposals which are to be sent to universities and other centres of higher education before the end of the year. The 18-page document acknowledges that universities will be anxious about passing information to special branch, for fear it amounts to "collaborating with the 'secret police'". It says there will be "concerns about police targeting certain sections of the student population (eg Muslims)".

The proposals are likely to cause anxiety among academics, and provoke anger from British Muslim groups at a time when ministers are at the focus of rows over issues such as the wearing of the veil and forcing Islamic schools to accept pupils from other faiths.

Wakkas Khan, president of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies, said: "It sounds to me to be potentially the widest infringement of the rights of Muslim students that there ever has been in this country. It is clearly targeting Muslim students and treating them to a higher level of suspicion and scrutiny. It sounds like you're guilty until you're proven innocent." Yet our country is supposed to represent the "innocent until proven guilty" system.

Gemma Tumelty, president of the National Union of Students, said: "They are going to treat everyone Muslim with suspicion on the basis of their faith. It's bearing on the side of McCarthyism."

The document, which has been obtained by the Guardian, was sent within the last month to selected official bodies for consultation and reveals the full extent of what the authorities fear is happening in universities.

It claims that Islamic societies at universities have become increasingly political in recent years and discusses monitoring their leaflets and speakers. The document warns of talent-spotting by terrorists on campuses and of students being "groomed" for extremism.

So because Muslims have become more political, it makes them extremists??

In a section on factors that can radicalise students, the document identifies Muslims from "segregated" backgrounds as more likely to hold radical views than those who have "integrated into wider society". It also claims that students who study in their home towns could act as a link between extremism on campuses and in their local communities.

I claim and identify the above paragraph to be total cack

The government wants universities to crack down on extremism, and the document says campus staff should volunteer information to special branch and not wait to be contacted by detectives.

It says: "Special branch are aware that many HEIs [higher education institutions] will have a number of concerns about working closely with special branch. Some common concerns are that institutions will be seen to be collaborating with the 'secret police'.

"HEIs may also worry about what special branch will do with any information supplied by an HEI and what action the police may subsequently take ... Special branch are not the 'secret police' and are accountable."

The document says radicalisation on campus is unlikely to be overt: "While radicalisation may not be widespread, there is some evidence to suggest that students at further and higher educational establishments have been involved in terrorist- related activity, which could include actively radicalising fellow students on campus." The document adds: "Perhaps most importantly, universities and colleges provide a fertile recruiting ground for students.

"There are different categories of students who may be 'sucked in' to an Islamist extremist ideology ... There are those who may be new to a university or college environment and vulnerable to 'grooming' by individuals with their own agenda as they search for friends and social groups; there are those who may be actively looking for extremist individuals with whom to associate. Campuses provide an opportunity for individuals who are already radicalised to form new networks, and extend existing ones."

The document urges close attention be paid to university Islamic societies and - under the heading "inspiring radical speakers" - says: "Islamic societies have tended to invite more radical speakers or preachers on to campuses ... They can be forceful, persuasive and eloquent. They are able to fill a vacuum created by young Muslims' feelings of alienation from their parents' generation by providing greater 'clarity' from an Islamic point of view on a range of issues, and potentially a greater sense of purpose about how Muslim students can respond."

It suggests checks should be made on external speakers at Islamic society events: "The control of university or college Islamic societies by certain extremist individuals can play a significant role in the extent of Islamist extremism on campus."

The document says potential extremists can be talent-spotted at campus meetings then channelled to events off campus.

The document gives five real-life examples of extremism in universities. The first talks of suspicious computer use by "Asian" students, which was reported by library staff. In language some may balk at, it talks of students of "Asian appearance" being suspected extremists.

A senior education department source told the Guardian: "There's loads of anecdotal evidence of radicalisation. At the same time there are people who pushing this who have their own agendas, and the government has to strike the right balance."

Times Online October 16, 2006

Teachers asked to root out Islamic extremists
By Lech Mintowt-Czyz and agencies

The Government today called on teachers, lecturers and council employees to help root out Islamic extremism in schools, colleges and universities.

In defiance of the growing anger of Islamic leaders, Ruth Kelly, the Communities Secretary, insisted that those at the grassroots of society must join the fight against those who would radicalise British youngsters.
She really needs to keep her mouth shut, the amount of garbage that comes out of it, is unbelievable!

In a meeting with key council leaders Ms Kelly demanded that they use their local knowledge to identify "hotspot" sections of the community which could be a breeding ground for extremists.

She also said that they needed to look at new ways they could tackle the threat of extremism within education.

As part of the campaign the Department for Education has prepared plans to ask university staff and lecturers to inform police of Muslim and "Asian-looking" students they suspect of involvement in supporting terrorists.

An 18-page document due to be sent to universities and colleges by the end of the year expresses concern over Islamic societies and students from "segregated backgrounds".

Ms Kelly said: "It is about protecting students. There is a need for the strong monitoring of activities to make sure individual students on campus are protected.

What!?!?! I'm a student and I know this spying would NOT help me feel protected! There is not a need for strong monitoring. That is called control.

"The world has changed since September 11 and 7/7. The Government has had to change and respond to that, and we appeal to local authorities to do the same."

The announcement comes after the revelation that new faith schools could be forced to offer a quarter of their places to pupils of other religions and amid continuing rows over the use of veils by Muslim women.

Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, is expected to suggest that opening up admissions to faith schools would help to ease racial tensions and give parents more choice. The move comes after a proposal this month by the Church of England to open up voluntarily 25 per cent of places in all its new schools to children irrespective of their religious beliefs.

The changes are likely to prove more controversial with Roman Catholics and Muslims. Critics of faith schools have long complained that they are exclusive and divide society, rather than promoting cohesion. About a third, or 7,000, of all state schools in England have a religious ethos, mostly Christian. Four-fifths of the top 200 state secondaries are faith schools.

Mr Johnson will table an amendment to the Education and Inspections Bill when it returns to the Lords this week requiring new faith schools to reserve a quarter of their places for non-believers or children of other faiths. The change would place the initial decision about a school’s intake in the hands of the local education authority (LEA), enabling it to demand that up to a quarter of its places are open to families of different or no faiths.

Controversy also still surrounds the case of a Muslim teaching assistant who has been suspended after refusing to remove her veil in the classroom.

The Government’s race minister, Phil Woolas, accused 24-year-old Aishah Azmi of "denying the right of children to a full education" and demanded she be sacked.

The Muslim Council of Britain condemned Mr Woolas for his "outrageous" and "reckless" comments.

The head of the Council, Muhammad Abdul Bari, has written to Ms Kelly complaining that a recent "drip feed" of ministerial statements over the issue has "stigmatised" the entire Muslim community.

He said: "What is happening, especially in the last few months, has been a barrage of demonisation of the Muslim community to such an extent that the community is now scared and the whole community feels vulnerable.

"Ministers are not helping in this discourse within the Muslim community. What, simply, they are doing is trying to undermine and marginalise further Muslim community, especially those organisations which have been working so hard for community cohesion."

But speaking after her hour-long meeting with council leaders, which was also attended by senior Metropolitan Police officer Andy Hayman, Ms Kelly insisted it was essential for people to continue to speak out on the subject.

She said: "I think we need to be strong enough as a society to debate these issues and it is far more difficult if people feel there is an imposed sense of restraint.

"It’s far better to debate the issues than sweep them under the carpet when the question of children’s education is at stake."

Paul Mackney, the joint general secretary of the University and College Union, said that they were deeply concerned about the Government’s plans.

"We expressed concern that we were being sucked into a kind of Islamic McCarthyism which has major implications for academic freedom, civil liberties, and blurring of the boundaries between the illegal and the possibly undesirable," he said. At least somebody can see the signs!

Muslims are being discriminated, demonisied and victimised like the Jews used to be. (or anybody that was 'soft' on USSR). University lecturers encouraged to spy on "Asian looking" students and report anything suspicious to the special branch.This is abhorrent . Again a place of education and learning is being turned into a prison-like environment.

They are really becoming the new Jews. The war on terror (specifically on Al - Qaeda ) has been blurred into a War on Islam .

Am I wrong in suggesting that the media is promoting classic division techniques between the UK population and alienating Muslims communities even further?

Am I wrong in suggesting that the government is promoting and producing new regulations that divide the Muslim community from the rest?

oh! I agree totally, I was thinking the same the other day about how the different world religions take turns genociding eachother. It's truly a horrible world.

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Well said :-)

I think most people know this is a
pile of steaming u know what...

But OF COURSE it is HIGHLY dangerous
because the psycho element can
always use it for an excuse and
fascist laws get passed in this kind
of atmosphere.

The only violence I have seen
in my city is one smashed window
of an Indian restraunt.

On the TV we had a very articulate
veiled Muslim woman standing up
for her freedom to wear whatever
she damn well wants !

The "anti veil" person she was
talking to actually made friends
with her! They actually 'agreed
to disagree' and made friends !
(hopefully off camera as well).

Now that's freedom! One side
wanted the veil off 'so I can
see your face'. The other side
wanted to keep the veil. The
discussion went on. No Jack
Straw...no (masked?) Policemen.

The funniest point of all made by
the Muslim woman..."what about
Nuns?"..."Oh that's different"
said the other side. LOL!


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