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Bush Pardons Himself - Video

Just another facet of the Detainee bill.

A disgraceful abuse of power.

I was going to cover another subject tonight but STR did a great job with it. It is another bill passed that gives US Schools the power to strip students naked

See here

And credit to this article here that awoke me to this new bill.

HA! that is great!
It is now a war crime to protect your country and to do what the constitution of the United States says to do and I think now I could be wrong but I think Bush even went as far as to swear an Oath to Protect and uplold the constitution. Did he not do that?
You guys are too funny You dont even know what you want. just as long as it is against BUsh you are all for it.

So protecting your country means bombing and invading other countries on false pretexts does it???

The war on terror can never end, Dick Cheney said that. The reason why? Because the enemy can never been seen , therefore can never be destroyed. Therefore an endless flux of war

The founding fathers stated that USA should not interfere with other countries, yet since WW1 that is what they have continously done!

Bush did swear an oath to the constitution, then why oh why has he destroyed the 4th Amendment?? The recent detainee act has elimanted certain sections of the 6th Amendment.

You presume that I don't know what I want. I just want one thing freedom. It doesn't matter who is in charge of the US/UK as the same policies would still happen.

They don't have the real power.

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