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The myth of Inflation

The mechanics of the monetary system are very simple and easy to understand. Yet the vast majority of the world do not understand. The reason why? They don't teach you !!!

One of the greatest myths is inflation.

What is inflation??

According to wiki:

Inflation is a rise in the general level of prices, as measured against some baseline of purchasing power.

I think that is common knowledge. The inflation levels in the UK are usually between 2 and 3%. So every year generally speaking the price of goods and services (and your wage too) increase by 2-3%. You can view it as money has become slightly less worthless by 2-3%. i.e. It cost £1 last year but now it costs £1.02. It also decreases the value of your savings .

So the next logical question is how does inflation happen??. Wiki goes into the usual rubbish and complicated theories (as expected). I noticed this little quote from it:
In the long run, inflation is generally believed to be a monetary phenomenon, while in the short and medium term, it is influenced by the relative elasticity of wages, prices and interest rates
According to wiki, inflation is a phenomenon, it just kind of happens and depends on wages,prices of goods,utilities,oil etc etc and interest rates (i.e. EVERYTHING CAUSES INFLATION!). This is the usuaexplanationon for inflation rises.
See here - here - here - here - here - here - here - here -here - here


Money is a man made system and design. Yet the governments, banks, industries, economic 'experts' don't know how inflation is caused. This is an absurd idea, they know all right. They count on you not knowing though!

So what is the cause of inflation???

Simple -> Inflation is caused by an increase in money supply (printing more money)

The effect of inflation is ALWAYS a price rise.

Governments and 'experts' say they control inflation by imposing wage and price controls. These attack the effects of inflation NOT the cause.

See here - here - here

The phrase "Blinding by Science" has never been more amptly used! The ONLY way to control inflation is to stop printing more money (Read this great article ). Money has the same value, thus prices remain pretty much constant and we have a stable economy.

So the people who print the money, control inflation. So for the us that's the Bank of England (they also control interest rates - thanks Gordon). Bank of England are a corporation who's only responsibility is to its' shareholders. It is not part of the UK Government, they have no power over it. (Warning signals going off yet??)

Why do they want to increase inflation?? They use the Hegelian principle:

Problem - Inflation rise
Reaction - Public sensitive to the price rise - complain to thgovernmentnt to take action
Solution 1 - Govt take action - pass new legislation (usually results in redistribution of wealth - Government create new taxes to control inflation i.e. they confiscate your wealth)

Solution 2 - Bank of England rises interest rates - more money to the banks!!!

It is actually the antithesis of Robin Hood!
Inflation takes wealth from the poor and middle class and re-distributes it to the rich
This repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats. Lenin stated the best way to destroy capitalismsm was to debauch the currency.

This process has been used to destroy many nation's economy. For example the greatest example is Germany . This was hyperinflation. This involved printing ridiculous amounts of money and destroyed the German middle class (their savings became worthless).

The result was making it an unstable country, which eventually allowed a dictator in charge (Lenin was right!). A recent example of hyperinflation is Zimbabwe . They have a lovely leader in power too :(

So the Bank of England- a corporation that controls inflation how they see fit, they have the power to destroy your savings. And the best bit - they can get away with it, because nobody knows!! When the time is right, they will ruin our economy here if that is in the establishments' plans. They can do it in the USA very easily - the Federal Reserve is not a Government department. Like here, it is basically a corporation.

I'd like to personally thank Ralph Epperson and his book "The Unseen Hand" for awakening me on this topic. I had no real idea too until a few months ago , so thank you Ralph!

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