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Thinking about going to university??

Well don't!! That is your parents are loaded so you don't need a 'loan'. If you do I recommend you stay away, you won't necessarily be anymore educated and you'll end up in significant debt.

I can hear you cry, "I'll earn more with my degree." I say true enough, but will you get a job, the degree does not mean you'll get a job. You are better off with your A-levels, impressing in interviews with your intelligence and good personality and working your way up. By the time you are 21, you should be at the same pay level of graduates AND you've been earning whilst they've been getting in debt.(and many jobs pay you to go to university doing part-time courses!)

The standard of a university education is dropping, many courses are now not accredited and are 'mickey mouse' courses. Believe me, your education starts when you finish your state education. The only reason I can suggest going to university is to have a great social life.

I've been through this and I wish I knew what I know now! There is no way I would goto university now with 3k tuition fees (designed exclusively for the middle classes again - you see the common theme??) and needing a 4k yearly loan. Which gets charged interest whilst you studing. Then it'll be like another tax for probably the rest of your life unless you get lucky and get a fantastic job.

I'm 20k in debt, the only feasible option of clearing this, is to move abroad (not a bad idea!!). And I actually did an accredited course which is very highly respected. Pity they shut the department down as it would not lower its standards. I still work in university and I know for a fact that they are delibrately lowering the standards to allow more students in (more students = more ££). There are still a few decent courses left but some of them are entirely populated by Chinese students (usually engineering/manufacturing ones)

Anyway you don't have to believe me, just do what you think is right, but please please think about it carefully and do your research!!!

I saw this on another blog which prompted me to write this: (credit to the orignial author)

6 EASY STEPS to Burying America's Students In Debt

STEP 1: CONTROL the money supply;

STEP 2: charge interest on EVERY DOLLAR circulating;

Make everyone (including the government!) PAY for the benefit of using money that the government issues ONLY by authority FROM THE PEOPLE!

STEP 3: promise that if they LEARN more; they’ll EARN more. (note: no guarantees)

STEP 4: make education SO EXPENSIVE that in order to LEARN students must BURY themselves in DEBT (Repeat STEP 2)

STEP 5: Once buried, they must FIRST live their lives for YOU;

STEP 6: Then, and only then, can they live their lives for themselves and their families.

TOO BAD (SUCKERS!), we each have only one life to live!

PLEASE, think about it, long and hard.

He who controls the money supply, calls the shots.

He who calls the shots; decides who lives and who dies.

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