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Money Money Money

For the next 2 weeks I shall be concentrating on the root of all evil..money £$£$£.

The UK (and the US) is a ticking timebomb of debt. At the end of 2005, the government was in debt to the tune of £525.9 billion!! Assuming a rough population of 60million, that means each persons share of this debt is £8765, that is every person from OAP to a newly born baby. This is a sizeable increase from 2003...see here.
It will only get worse...And this probably the tip of the iceberg. Who do they owe this money too and why has this happened?? These questions will be answered in future posts.

This is an indirect debt and doesn't include our own personal debt. It seems that everybody in this country is in some form of debt, ranging from loans to credit/store cares. When I used to regularly watch TV, especially on cable, there used to be so many loan adverts. Its like they want us to be in debt. (Well actually they do!)

Anyway I'm going to concentrate on an article from today's (Sunday 17th September 2006) Daily Express
FRESH signs that Gordon Brown is preparing yet more crippling tax rises emerged last night in a grim forecast from global financial experts.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) rapped the Chancellor for allowing his lavish spending spree on public services to run out of control.
And a report by the IMF called for drastic action by the Treasury to curb Britain’s spiralling £13billion national debt. (THATS A LIE!!!)

The bleak news means that a new round of tax rises on middle-income households is almost certain. (why never the filthy rich??)
The critical verdict on Mr Brown’s stewardship of the economy in the IMF’s twice-yearly World Economic Outlook drew anger from the Tories last night.
Shadow Chancellor George Osborne said: "Yet again we see that Gordon Brown’s claims about his economic record are turning out to be false.
"This exposes the true weakness of the UK economy in the age of globalisation." (i.e. the NEW WORLD ORDER)

The bombshell IMF report will come as yet another blow to Mr Brown’s hopes of taking over at Number 10 within months.
Just as Tony Blair appears to be preparing for retirement early next year, Mr Brown’s reputation for economic prudence is unravelling.
Yesterday, the Daily Express revealed how the Government is preparing a secret computer database of citizens to devise new stealth taxes.(worried yet???)
Swingeing charges on road use and rubbish collection and big rises in council tax are among stealth tax raids thought to be under preparation.

And middle-income households are likely to be hit the hardest. Recent figures have shown that the overall tax burden on hard-working families is as high as during the crisis-ridden Seventies.
According to the IMF report, Britain’s economy is set to grow at a slower rate than forecast by Mr Brown.
The report said: "Over the medium term, fiscal consolidation will depend critically on restraint of current spending."
But many experts are convinced that Mr Brown cannot afford to cut public spending in order to balance his books.

Such a move would infuriate the Labour MPs and trade unions he is desperately trying to recruit in his drive to capture the keys to Number 10.
During the last five years, spending on schools and hospitals has soared by about seven per cent every year.
But the IMF report says that with economic growth expected at around two per cent in the coming years, this level of public spending is unsustainable.
It recommends tighter restrictions on public spending, an option unlikely to be favoured by Mr Brown.

According to Treasury plans, huge spending rises on schools and hospitals are to be curbed after 2008. Yet the proposals are unlikely to prevent Mr Brown breaching his spending targets.
The IMF also raised concerns that house price rises in the UK might be too high, undermining economic stability.
Treasury officials took some comfort yesterday in some praise in the report for the overall health of the UK economy.
Ok, there is alot in that article to be discussed! Taxes have increased so much recently especially stealth taxes SEE HERE AND DIGEST

They claim to have spent more on hospitals and schools, yet the standards of the NHS and education are dropping. Wards are being closed, cuts are all over the place in the NHS:

See here and here and here and here and here and here

I could add plenty more, but you get the drift! Oh and the NHS is being slowly privatised
If you don't believe me, read up on PFIs in hospitals and read Captive State by George Monbiot.

Oh and its plain to see that an ever increasing number of school leavers don't even have the basic skills. Ignore the GCSE results, they are just a smokescreen to hide the deficiencies of our 'education' system. Oh and they are getting privatised too...!

I have no doubt they have pumped more money into the NHS and edcuation system, but it has been delibrately wasted on BURECRACY and middle management. Ask any teacher or nurse if standards have increased since 1997. (and i have!)

So what does the taxpayer actually pay for these days?? Well since eveything is slowly becoming privatised or has been privatised, not alot! Yet taxes are increasing... sounds like a contridiction! Well the vast majority of our money is going into a black hole of debt repayments oh and a war against an enemy that can't be seen (terrorism).

As you can see from the article expect more tax raises and stealth taxes..great. Well we will have wars to pay for against Iran and Syria soon. Aren't we lucky! Just think all them bombs that have killed innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have actually paid for them.

We should be revolting about this, we used to do in the past. Its a total and utter disgrace, yet we just take it! We lose FORTY , yes FORTY PERCENT of our wage and thats before council tax, road tax etc etc.

Another reason for these increases in taxes is the slow destruction of the middle class. As seen in the article, it states that these taxes will hit the middle class hard.

Aristotle quoted " The most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control, and outnumbers both of the other classes"

What is happening is that eventually they'll be two classes, the elite rich and the rest. Think I'm joking? This is just for the UK and here

Welcome to communism comrade! Without a healthy middle class, society will crumble and we will become slaves like in Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany.

Oh from this article I will make two predictions:

House prices will rapidly fall at some point within the next 5 years, watch this video

Brown will definitely not be the next PM, alot of stories have come out recently criticising Brown. I have no real idea who the next Labour PM will be but I believe David Cameron will be the PM after the next general election.

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